The Challenge:

Every project begins with a challenge. What is the most efficient way we can produce a part and its corresponding program?

The Solution:

Our team of production and quality engineers work diligently with our programmers to create new solutions and execute creative yet educated production approaches. Using quality materials sourced in the USA, state of the art equipment, proprietary tooling and OEM manufacturing, 5th Axis can help any business meet production demands at a competitive price.  We are constantly innovating lean production methods setting the standard in our industry.

Design For Manufacturability

Dedicated and experienced mechanical and manufacturing engineering teams are here to assist with all stages of your project. We understand the competitive marketplace and we can offer suggestions and provide solutions from our many years of experience to build your design as efficiently as possible.

The Cutting Edge

Through a good understanding of customer needs and wants, 5th Axis excels in the global marketplace.  We understand what it takes to machine precise parts in a timely manner at a competitive price.  We are a modern machine shop that uses the latest equipment and tooling.  We have remained successful through the years by operating extremely lean without sacrificing performance in areas of quality, delivery and pricing.